Breeder barn vs. Hen house and Rooster Pad??? Help me decide plz!

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by lady feathers, Apr 13, 2011.

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    Nov 29, 2010
    Not sure if this is the right place for these questions or not, but I have designs for the coops either way so I thought maybe it wasn't a coop design question..... so, I have just about finished my 8x12 ft meat bird coop with lots of help from my husband, and now it is time to turn our attention to "the big coop". This coop I have designed to be two stories, with breeding pens on the lower level (housing roughly 3-6 hens per roo in each pen) and the upper levels right above the breeding pens were going to house on one side my "extras" (miscellaneous egg layers/just for the fun of it flock) and on the other side provide additional meat bird housing in winter (this was prior to the idea of a permanent meat coop just for them).

    Before we get started on the construction of our 12x20x8 ft chicken barn I started to think it might be easier for us to build two smaller coops one for hens and one for roos. (without all the extra materials for divider wall, a bazillion feeders/waterers/nest boxes in eahc pen, starts to add up quickly when you can't just buy one or two over-sized feeders/waterers. Well, I have heard of coops/runs that only housed roos, but my concern is if I did this and just brought the proper guys and gals together in a seperate smaller breeding coop/pen will the poor guys and gals have problems when intoroduced back into their respective coops with the others. Will they have to fight their way back up the pecking order chain everytime I seperate them? Also, how far from the gals do the guys have to be inorder not to have the guys fight each other (are seperate pens a few feet away enough or do they have to be out of sight from each other)?

    Any suggestions/help would be greatly appreciated as we have enough materials to build the chicken barn if necessary.... but, I started thinking maybe with seperate quarters for guys and gals I can keep more of my roos (the extras, who wouldn't have necessarily been kept for breeding or those that didn't have enough respective females for their own breeding pen) and wouldn't have to provide each pen with window/feeder/waterer/roosts/nestboxes/etc.... saving us money as they can "share" all those things if all in one building!

    If this is in the wrong section please tell me so I can get it moved or the moderator can move it... however it works, thanks!

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    Will they have to fight their way back up the pecking order chain every time I separate them?

    It may depend on how long they are gone and the personalities of the birds, but this is a real possibility. Perhaps it is best to think in terms of how many breeds you want to focus on. Maybe breed group pens (hens and a single or pair of roosters) are what you need plus a rooster grow out pen?​

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