Breeder, Enthusiast, Hobby, or Business?

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    How do you know which you are and when you've crossed the line? When discussing my birds with others... what makes the difference between a REAL breeder verses a back yard chick hatcher?

    I usually try not to ask questions I don't wanna know the answer to. :oops: But since my home owners insurance seems to be harassing me (previously, my SIL was our agent but recently switched to another carrier)... They wanted me to get a "farm" policy, OR sign an exclusion. I'm NOT a farmer. I don't rely on income from the birds in any way, shape, or form. Yes, I have a garden... a big one. It produces a "crop". And we harvest our boys. We enjoy the fruits of our labor. And I SHARE with friends and family.

    I consider myself a PURE hobbyist. I'm doing what I love and having a great time. I sell a few chicks or chickens here and there (gotta keep numbers manageable for my property) and have sold a few eating eggs. All things that are within the law. Let's be real... I doubt if I have ever even came close just to covering my feed cost. :rolleyes: And we won't even start to talk about housing/fencing funds! :hmm

    I wan't to be responsible and have considered getting NPIP... but would that make me "guilty" of being more than a hobbyist? Is it how many birds you have? How much $ you make or spend?

    Surely it CAN'T be selecting for good qualities. And why aren't people who sell puppies facing the same scrutiny (barring the concern for our food supply chain). If I try to hire someone to do anything around here... they are trying to call them employees. :duc

    I imagine this is the same issue plenty of people in the past have had... I just wanna have fun, why can't big brother mind their own beeswax? I get that would be a business world ran rampant and there is SOME need for regulation... Please help confirm if I need to pursue business permits in order to enjoy my hobby? Noting that I likely will NOT... but would curtail my adventures enough to fall below the radar if anyone thinks I have TRULY crossed the line....

    BTW... if I DID choose to call it a business... the gov would end up with less $ in their pocket cuz I would be able to write off sooo many things! :tongue :lol:

    Thanks for the feed back. :pop
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    I'm in the boat with you. I'm just getting started (2nd year) but I think I'll have to start selling chicks and eggs to start making my hobby pay for itself. I'm considering getting NPIP too.
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    I would love to become a real breeder someday...right now it's impossible since even though we are in the right zone my family doesn't allow roosters. sigh...
    Also in the past we have had birds with suspected mareks and mg. So, it's only a hobby for us. :)
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    It was my SIL that "knew too much" and was causing the home owners insurance issues... not the new company. And I CANNOT say enough about the difference in yearly premium. If you are able to check into USAA... I'm saving 75% off my previous bill! :eek:

    I don't know much about MG... But Marek's is NOT a deal breaker, and CAN'T be passed to the egg for incubator hatching/selling. It isn't required to be reported EVEN by NPIP breeders. :hmm

    My Marans and Silkie chicks sell for $8-9 each. I have sold crosses (not from those 2 breeds) for $2. Chicks is where it's at.. at least here, as far as making any real $ goes. Eating eggs... $4/dozen... and it cost me $3 to produce. Might be able to get more but the market is saturated with eating eggs.

    One difference between real breeders and not, to me... is the ability to select out and cull for faults.. always working to improve your parent stock. Not just breeding any and everything. But indeed THAT doesn't make it a business. :confused:

    We do own our home. Do I need to worry about having my buns sued off? I guess the homeowners insurance thinks so or they wouldn't raise the question. And being in the great state of CA... the judges are liberal and support some of the STUPIDEST lawsuits. However, I don't wish to rant about injustice, just decide if it's OK to stay my course or not. :cool:
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