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    Goulburn Heritage Poultry is a breeder of fowl, waterfowl (very few), avairy birds etc. Goulburn Heritage Poultry is located at Goulburn, NSW. Goulburn Heritage Poultry posts fertile eggs.

    My Review:
    When my parents bought some chickens from GHP they died on the 2-3 day having them, yet did we know that they brought an disease to our property.
    They gave us some more chickens including fertile eggs and pullets which ended up having bent toes and ended up dying.
    I can’t bring in anymore chickens because of the disease which was brought in (respiratory infection). I’d like to get some chook breeds to show but I can’t because of the disease so I have to stick to keeping and showing ducks.

    Overall I know that they may have sorted the problem out, but I would still not get birds from them since they aren’t that pure and I wouldn’t want anyone else to have the same problem.
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    Thanks for sharing!

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