Breeder pair of non-standard color Spangled Russian Orloffs

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    I have a young breeder pair of Spangled Russian Orloffs for sale. These are currently breeding, both around 10 -11 months old. Both are in good health, no problems with anything other than the faults I'll list below.

    The Cockrell is from Welp hatchery stock. He has great carriage and overall good confirmation and wonderful spangling. This is the reason he was used in our breeding program this year. He does have several major flaws. He has incorrect white legs, far too much solid white - especially in the tail area and is just a bit smaller in the body than I like in an Orloff, but he's young, so that could change as he grows and matures. I started with around 77 chicks from Welp last year and this cockerel and three pullets are all I kept for our breeding program. so far he has been very friendly, with no aggression problems.

    The hen is from my Robert's strain. She is a very nice hen, the only major flaw is a small single blade that is coming out on her comb as she matures. Wasn't obvious until a couple of months ago, but would be considered a flaw. She is the friendliest chicken on the farm. Tends to fly up on your arm when feeding treats and is always underfoot. She also lays a very lightly colored egg which should be darker. I started just over a year ago with this strain, culled from around 100 total down to only 8 breeders.

    These have both been used this year in our breeding program and I've hatched enough chicks from them that I'm ready to thin the flock. Since the storms I'm just too pushed for space to keep all of them. All our chickens free range every other day and are feed 15% layer pellets free choice, a handfull of scratch grain twice a day and all the bugs they can find along with kitchen and garden scraps. Raised in clean coops and with clean water available at all times. I don't make pets of our chickens, but they are treated with care and respect.

    There will be NO SHIPPING. Pick up here at the farm only, or I might could you meet somewhere if not too far way. I am not NPIP certified, and not set up to ship.

    Payment can be via Paypal, cash, check, money order, goats, elephants, seals, brownies... or you can just pick them up now and pay me whener you get around to it.
    Picky I am not.

    SPECIAL NOTE: If any of our members that were affected by the recent tornados here in Mississippi or Alabama are interested the price is FREE. Just come get them and they are yours.

    Here are a couple of pictures of the cockerel;




    And here is the hen;




    And here are some of the chicks we hatched out from them;


    We also have lots of chicks if the buyer would like a few more to make the trip worthwhile available at $5.00 each.

    Going to run these on a 7 day auction but if they don't sell and you've ever wondered what Orloffs tased like.... Well, the next Sunday after the auction ends, dinner will be around six PM. Just come on and pull up a place at the table.

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