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    Some questions regarding designing breeder/broody pens. I'm looking at building a series of pens 8' x 4' to house 1 rooster and 1 to 3 hens for breeding. Or for raising chicks. Or to house 1 or 2 broody hens.

    How important is it that the roosters can not see each other?
    I was thinking of placing plywood between the pens but would rather just use wire as it lets more light in. Your suggestions are appreciated.
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    I would set it up as wire, and then see what happens. You could always just avoid it by setting them up so that the pens are filled:


    Brooding hens


    grow out pen


    How well can you see through the 30%shade cloth? It might be enough blockage.

    Depending on the set up, putting in a wood wall later on, if all other options fail, might not be hard to do.
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    I plan to put wood just the first 2-3 feet up the side, and maybe not the entire length of the pen. Roos that cause excessive problems probably wont' be used for breeding as temperament is hugely important to me.

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