Breeder Quality Versus Hatchery Quality


9 Years
Jan 19, 2011
Escanaba, MI
In January I decided to preorder chicks for delivery in June from a hatchery. Since then, I've acquired an incubator, had a successful test hatch (and made a local farmer quite happy with the resulting chicks I gave him for free), and have been opened up to the realm of acquiring stock from people here on BYC. It may kinda suck, but I decided that the cancellation fee isn't a huge issue compared to what will likely be outstanding birds. I know I can't guarantee the number of pullets I'll get from a hatch, but that is the chance I take! I think I made the right choice? I mean, if I breed my own stock for future use, I'd rather any excess birds be purebred and closer to show standards than run of the mill birds. My little cousin is in 4H too, and might want a few quality birds too, if any meet show standards.

Now I just have to locate someone willing to sell LF araucana and LF faverolle hatching eggs this June, since those are the two breeds I definitely want! Purebred araucanas will be so incredible to have, OMG!
LF Araucana will be a lot easier to find here on BYC than a hatchery since no hatchery sells them
Just keep checking the hatching egg boards as well as other poultry auction sites.

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