Breeder Shopping in NE Kansas


13 Years
May 1, 2009
Ks (Manhattan area)
Ok I finally got I place to keep some birds so I'm looking to buy some in the next year. My wish list includes- Runts, Parlor Tumblers, Pygmy, Hanna, or Brunner Pouters, and either Russian Tumblers or Hungarian House. I need to do some more research on the last 2. I'm not sure if theres much difference other than size I know I want Almond and or Black Splash. I'm not to picky on color with the rest. I want to get a pair of each of the 4 catagoies and not go over $20 a bird. I would also like to beable to pick them up at a swap or auction in ne Ks (Gardner, Claycenter, Overbrook, or Manhattan). If I can't find what I want locally I may try to go with a buddy to a show he goes to in Iowa.
I found a breeder today for hungarian house and brunner pouters. He has runt but the price is to high, I'd like to get a pair of blue bar Runts for $30-40 and a pair of Parlor Tumblers for the same.
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