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    Hi all :)

    I'm trying to get a list together... If you know any good breeders, poultry farms, hatcheries physically located in these areas that are NPIP (or close to them), please add the info on this thread

    Thank you in advance

    ..The post reads... "As I Googled Breeders for this area (in short driving distance) an old list complied on this site came up first. It was nicely organized by state. It hasn't been updated in a few years. There were no breeders in NJ. I thought it might be good to compile a list or NPIP breeders in NJ, PA and Delaware, and other states breeders/hatcheries that are within a 2 hours radius of those states. Please let me know if this is already posted on here somewhere for this area. :)

    Name of farm or hatchery
    address (atleast city and state)
    website, if any
    Contact info/Phone number/email address
    Specialties, if any

    Please make suggestions to the format. Eventually we can close this and hopefully organize it by state, alphabetically....."
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