Breeders of Araucana chickens


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Jul 14, 2012
Yakima Washington
In the spring, I would love to get a Araucana chick. The problem is that I only want one and I can't find anyone who sells them. I would like some information on where I could possibly get one of these chicks. Thanks.
No, I want a true rumpless Araucana. Also what do you think a chick would cost about?
If you get an incubator you can hatch out a couple of chicks (you don't want to have one chick by itself or it will be lonely). I'd hatch out 6 or 7 in case of mortality plus roosters (shipped eggs for me have about a 50% hatch rate which is I think considered OK).

They sell hatching eggs of Orps, so they probably sell them for the Araucanas I'd assume.
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I can't afford an incubator so I have to get a live chick. I have other chickens here at home, I'm also getting several other breeds of chickens with this one. I sold my roosters so I can only have 5 more chickens total with the others I have, I am getting 5 different breeds.
That's ok, thanks for the web sight, I looked over it. I just want to plan out for the feature and gather any information I can.
Here is my website

In the spring I will have chickens available for sale. If you only want 1 that is fine. They are $35.00 for a cleanfaced and rumpless and $65.00+ for a tufted and cleanfaced depending on quality. I only work with the APA BBR, Silver and Golden Duckwing, and a Red Paint color. Everyonce in a while I hatch blue and black from these pens but it is rare.

You can sell only one chick to me, if you sell chicks? Because if so, I might buy one. Also what would shipping be and can you sex it?
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