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    Feb 27, 2013

    I'm having trouble sourcing breeders poultry pellets locally but I can get hold of breeders pellets for game/pheasant. Does anyone know if these would be a suitable alternative. Sorry I don't have the % breakdown of ingredients to compare.

    Just wondered if anyone else had these as a substitute.

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    If the protein is above 20% it could be too high. The roosters especially don't need that much. It can cause gout in grown birds that aren't molting.
    You could use it if you cut the protein with some grain like oats, or wheat.
    The breeder pellets I get are 17% so however you mix it up I would try shooting for that. Corn is only about 9 but woefully deficient in vitamins so you could mix something up and add vitamins to the water.
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