Breeders/Sellers, Why Are You Stopping?


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May 9, 2010
Egglanta, GA
In the past few months I have noticed a great deal of breeders/sellers stopping selling hatching eggs or chicks, just doing it for themselves now. Whether it's because of shipped hatch rates, effort/time, or whatever the reason is. Why are you stopping? I know that some members such as Joletabey, justuschickens59, allaboutdemchickens, and Katy are a few that I can think of off of my head.

Can I hear some examples? Are you going to start again? I would like to know so I don't keep bothering people that have stopped about eggs/chicks.


A lot of breeders will stop due to needing to build their own numbers up to have better stock next year, culling in order to breed towards the breed standards.

Some become discouraged by negativity given by buyers about things beyond the seller's control.

Others become discouraged at buyers who let their stock die off, or sell off to start with some other breed, or do not help in continuing a breed.

Summer is approaching, and thus the end of the egglaying season until the fall temperatures cool things off.

Warmer temperatures also make it difficult to ship live chicks, started birds, adults, and eggs. They generally will not survive the trip.

That's all I can think of at the moment.
I wasn't referring to seasonal things, I was referring to permanent ending.

Allaboutdemchickens is only stopping for awhile, though. She is hatching for herself to build her stock up as you mentioned. Yeah, it's a typical thing.
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I'm basically stopping because I'm tired of people having poor hatch rates with my shipped eggs when the eggs here at home are hatching well. I realize that there are probably incubation variables involved too, but I blame most of it on the handling they recieve when shipped.
What do you have? I'd love to see them.
I want people to be happy with the birds they get from me, and I can't tell by looking at an egg if the bird it will produce is worthy of my name. I am working at breeding out the wrong color leg, breeding in the right color feathers, and figuring out which of my breeders makes the best stock. If someone gets my eggs/ chicks, and they get something really substandard, they will sell it with my name on it. EEEKKKK!
I too want people to be happy. I am trying to hatch as many as I can, and selling only well started pullets, roos for free to people who want to breed. It seems to be working well so far. I will be moving to the Virgin Islands at the end of the year, and I want to hatch and have control of as many of my stock this year, so I can cherry pick my own birds to place with people who will then send me eggs to hatch next year.

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