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    Jul 5, 2014
    Hi everyone

    have got a question on the breeding of silver blue,orange duckwing brahmas. I have an excellent cockerel of this type and am looking for a hen of the same type, my question is would they breed true?
    Also I have a blue gold partridge hen and am wondering what the colour of the offsping of her and my cockerel are likely to be like?
    Last year he mated with my sussex/aruacana hens and the chicks were pure white, jet black and partridge in colour with the brahma size and feathering and this from a white hen and a buff hen so you can see why I am a little confused!
    Sadly my brahma hen squashed her clutch last year, so I think I will let one of the others do the brooding this time!
    Also I was wondering if anyone in North Wales or the North West of England breeds the silver blue orange duckwing themselves and has any hens or pullets that they might like to sell?
    Here is my cockerel Lovejoy and the hen Clara.

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