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  1. EitanShemy

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    Apr 11, 2016
    hello guys,
    i need help with my canaries, i own an orange female and a yellow male, the male is 2 years old, while the female is 1.5 year old.
    they have 2 large cages, 1 per each.
    a month ago the female started to show signs of breeding, 3 weeks ago she started to try and pick up the paper from the cage bottom.
    i didn't do anything about it unfortunately..
    2 weeks ago when i was on vacation i decided to put the together and let my sister handle them for a week.
    she took a photo of the 2 eggs laying in the nest, but i did not leave any nesting wires, were just sitting there /:
    at sunday she bought it and the female started to build the nest right away,
    1 day after on of the eggs was gone, only shells.
    when i got back home, 5 days ago, i seperated the male again fearing he was the one who broke the egg.
    since then
    my questions are;
    do i need to get the male back in the cage with her?
    is it possible to have more eggs if i do?
    have i done something wrong except leaving her without the nesting wires?
    help will be appreciated, Eitan.
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    May 3, 2009
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    The male needs to be in with her as he will feed her while she is brooding and will also feed the chicks. Provide plenty of nesting materials so that they can form a good nest. The male will also help with this.

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