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    Mar 1, 2015
    Hey, guys I have a two year old Rhode Island hen and a red sex link hen. I just got a rooster today and I was wondering if there is a chance one will go broody. If there is any tips on how to convince them to sit on eggs would be nice. How long after the first time I see him mate with then should the eggs be fertile. Thanks a lot guys[​IMG]
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    While anything is possible, neither of the two breeds you have are known to be broody.
    Don't know if it is true, but I've heard three days. If you're cracking and eating your eggs, you can be checking. I would prefer to know for sure rather than trust to chance.
    You might have success looking for an incubator or picking up a breed known to go broody.
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    The eggs will start being fertile when the rooster does start to romance his hens. After some intimate activity, the hen will keep producing fertile eggs for about 3 weeks even with a lazy rooster with weak interest.[​IMG]
    As to your chickens going broody. Your variety is not the most broody type. No way to jump stat that, that I know of.
    My suggestion is to get another broody type hen to be a surrogate mom. Silkies and cochins are some of the BEST ONES.
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