Breeding Cockatiels, just questions?

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    If you were to incubate cockatiel eggs what would the temp and humidity have to be? How old is too old for a female to lay and raise eggs? If a female is alone for years will she accept a male to raise babies? What size nest box should be used for premium egg rearing? If three birds are in a cage together will that affect eggs rearing (2 males one female)? I am not raising any birds right now but was given 3 cockatiels, the female is about 9 years old and the two males are 1 year or two old. They are all in the same cage together since I only had one cage. It is a fairly big cage and nobody fights or picks feathers. The female though keeps laying eggs up to 3. I was throwing them out, but now I let her lay on one or two and it didn't seem to be fertile, I have NOT seen any mating going on. So was just curious, I had a nesting box from long ago and put it on the cage and the female loves it and has been laying on her egg for 2 days now but I don't think it is fertile. Sorry for all the questions was just kinda curious. And it would be pretty neat if they would hatch some babies but I would like to be prepared if it does happen. Thanks for your time!

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    10 years a female is to old 2 years they can start and a male starts a 2 and ends at 14
    you will need to tack a male out colony breeding ends bad in most cases, temps for incubating are the same for chickens
    also do you know how to hand feed your going to have to know if you going to breed, you would need to feed every few hours or when there crop empties, theres allot to know and you should never breed unless you know how
    DON'T THROW EGGS AWAY replace them with faces if she keeps laying she with probily die of egg binding they are not chickens and should only lay 2-3 clutches a year talk to you local breeder and read read read
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    Tiels usually pair off if they are interested. Once they do the female would not appreciate the "other" male making advances. That has been the case with my birds. If you leave the nesting box in the cage the males may get more interested and agressive. Also 9 is a bit old for the female. If she keeps laying make sure she has extra calcium. Just a thought but are you sure the younger birds are males?

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