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    I know it sounds like over kill to use a black copper marans rooster but they are just so dang beautiful. Anyways if i cross a BCM with a barred Plymouth rock hen, would all males be black barred and the females solid black? Could i also use Lakenfelder hens ?
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    You can read Tadkerson's first post in this thread to maybe help understand about sex links.

    Tadkerson’s Sex Link Thread

    I'm not personally familiar with the Black Copper Marans roosters, but 'm pretty sure they would give you a black sex link over a Barred Rock hen. The males will be barred and the females will not, but I'm not sure what the chicks woukld look like and whether the white spot would be that easy to distinguish on the chicks. I'm using black sex link to mean that you can sex the chicks. I think you would be able to but I am not 100% sure. But definitely, male offspring would be barred and female would not barred in the adult plumage. It's just the down color I'm not sure about.

    I doubt the adults would be solid black barred or solid black. I would expect some red leakage in both. But yes, basically black or black and white barred.

    There are a few different Lakenvelder colors and patterns available. I'm not sure how they are made genetically. It is possible you could get red sex links with the copper marans rooster if the hen has silver, but I don't know enough genetically about them to say. My guess would be not, but I really don't know. Hopefully someone familiar with Lakenfelders (also spelled Lakenvelders) can chime in.

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