Breeding coop plans, need ideas, Layout,floor plan, how to make this easy to clean

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    OK am trying to make a blue print plan for 4 large coops, 4x8 coops, with bars inside for the birds to roost on, No lay boxes, am planning on putting the lay boxes within the runs not the coops, they will be up off the ground, No able to walk inside, but will have double doors to open and reach in for cleaning. for people who dont want to read the whole thing, i put main questions in BOLD. thank you!


    Flooring, Rather then solid plywood what about a wire floor, Poo can fall right under onto the ground and be picked up, or if i do lay bedding down, i can pull the wheelbarrow under the coop, and just rake everything into the wheelbarrow. i heard/saw some "sand box" ideas? what are your thoughts on that? where its almost like a Huge litter box. What is the easiest flooring to keep clean, wire,sand solid plywood, other?

    feed/watering: am sick and tired of filling chicken feeders and waters, only to have them break within the year and have to keep refilling the water because it gets so dirty! this breeder coop plan comes with its own watering system, Each coop will get its own 5 gallon bucket and i plan on making PVC feeders, hung outside within the runs, ((do i need a larger bucket))

    Space: i would like to know how many birds could i fit inside these breeder pens, they will be Large fowl, i was thinking around 10 maybe that's to much?

    Fencing: we use the 6 foot tall wielded wire from Tractor supply, we will not be digging it within the sand like we normally do, its MUCH harder to build if we dig the fence within the ground and even though it Helps keeps the chickens from digging under the fence, its doesn't completely stop them. i know most people take mesh wire and lay it around the fencing flat, this does work but with as much as we need to do, What a waste and COST of wire. any other ideas? maybe digging out shovel sized outside the runs and fill in with Concrete mix? what do you do to keep the chickens from digging under the fence??

    cover over the run: we have a bad hawk problem all my coops are covered with the basic deer netting, its cheap,easy to put up, but after a few months it breaks, and its a PAIN in the but because once its hanging down if you happen to walk into it it grabs at you, am SICK of it, and need to know what i can lay over my runs? looking for something like doesn't sag, easy to put up, More fencing wire what about flight netting? what do you use to cover your runs??

    Any photos and info is greatly appreciated! thank you again for your time!

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