Breeding Heritage Ducks


10 Years
Mar 1, 2009
Upstate NY
I have Buff ducks. I *really* like them. But its been next to impossible to find any stock, let alone anything of any level of Quality. I can't find any breeders of Show Quality stock, despite many internet searches. I'm just feeling frustrated...

I don't have a copy of the standard (can anyone look it up and PM it to me?) I just don't have the money in my budget to invest in one right now, although its on my list of things I need to buy!

Currently I have a Trio. Two adult hens (currently broody) and an Ancient Stupid drake. A mink ate both of mine in Feb, and this boy was the only one I could find in almost 4 months of searching!

I did purchase some ducklings that a local 4h leader hatched out, they're starting to feather in, and I'm less than impressed!

I'm going on the assumption that they should be an even Buff color with no white and no lacing???

So I guess my question is, Should I breed with what I have, and hope for some improvement in future generations? How exactly should I breed out white feathers and lacing? Outcross with another breed? Honestly, as much as I like them and want to work with preserving the breed, I'm about ready to cull the lot of them and work with a popular easy to find breed, like Call ducks or Cayugas. (I'm also going to breed Cayugas, but I haven't had any trouble finding those!)

Guidance anyone? Wasn't sure if this belonged under genetics and breeding or under Ducks...


10 Years
Aug 11, 2009
Bloomsdale, MO
We were recently at a show in Highland IL. there were some nice buffs there. I don't know who had them but this is the email for the Il Mo bantam club that put on the show [email protected] they can probably tell you who had the ducks. they were very nice

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