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    RE: Bantam Cochins
    Is is possible to start breeding your pullets and cockerels at too early an age? Basically, if you start breeding at too young an age, can it affect the growth rate, health, quality, etc. of the chicks to be hatched? Will I notice any difference with the chicks if I start breeding as soon as possible, say at 6 - 7 months, or is it better to wait until they are 8 - 9 months old, or does it matter at all? Hope this makes sense!
  2. You can hatch pullet eggs, but I've heard that the smaller egg leads to a smaller chick, which may be less likely to survive. I've never hatched eggs from birds that young, actually.
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    I've not had any luck with young eggs.... I would wait until they are AT LEAST 10 months any younger and in my experience they are hard to hatch
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    With the breeds I have raised over the years, I have found that I get the best offspring if I don't breed until one year of age. The hens make better broodies and mothers by then too and I don't have to incubate. [​IMG]
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    I would agree that fully mature birds are the best. However, two hopelessly broody Brahma hens of mine who had only laid about 10 eggs each have hatched lovely good-sized chicks, so they can come up trumps.
    Best to let hens grow to their maximum size first, if you can persuade you "teenage mum' about this!,

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