Breeding Multi Breeds of Turkeys

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by DaKid, May 4, 2011.

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    Ok this year I have 5 different breeds of Heritage Turkeys in 5 breeding pens that are 12' by 12' or 144 sq. ft pens that are side by side to each other - all are 8 ' high wirer pens - each breed as a trio of at lease 1 male to 2 females, some are 1 to 3.
    The problem is they all been laying since March , and I place about 40 plus different eggs in my bators and as of April all where in fertile , I started to place some eggs under some brooded chichken hens and some others back in the bators and left the rest in the turkey run nest which the hens are sitting on them as of today, do you think that the 1st batch was infertile do to the turkey pens are side by side to each other and it seems like the males are only interested in the other males next door and not doing the job.
    I will not know if the others are fertile for another weeks if I candle them .
    last year I only had 2 breeds and they breed like crazy and where in one large run of 50 by 50' --- but I ended up with 60 plus baby turkeys but where mix breeds , both from the bator and some they hatch .

    Whats your imput should I try keeping the runs/ pens far apart where they can't see each other or what

    Thanks Alan

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    if youre concerned about it, get some cheap snow fencing and put up between the pens so they cant see each other.

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