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    Ralph Sheriff Sr before he passed away in December 2012
    had 70 yrs experince breeding pure bred chickens
    He was note for Black and BB Red OEG

    Ralph Sheriff Sr, Piedmont Sc
    When asked what qualities determines which birds we
    keep, to this I reply:
    When going over our birds to cull out the unwanted
    ones for the seasons breeding, we look for:
    (1) Good type (2) Good feather color (3) good feather
    quality (4) good leg and feet color (5) Good eye color
    (6) Good face color.
    We begin the culling after 9 months growing off
    period. As Cockerels and pullets our birds must fit
    the ABA Standard for Old English.
    If a bird does not meet these requirements they don't
    last long enough to eat our feed or take the time to
    care for them.
    A cockerel to be kept to molt into a cock bird or a
    pullet to molt into a hen must be strong in these
    qualities with NO FLAWS or deviations.
    If one doubts his own decision and keeps a bird that
    has any of these qualities lacking, such as Off
    colored face, toes, feet, leg, eyes, feather color,
    which should be according to the ABA Standard called
    for, then he is wasting his time to replace these as
    If you allow birds of serious defects,
    lacking good qualities to become breeders in your
    stock, you are headed for trouble. One little defect
    and it is gone. We don't maintain a flock of MAYBE'S!
    We only maintain a flock of birds that will pass
    muster to become show quality winners!
    We want our selves and our customers to be proud of
    the birds that we or they are breeding out of our
    Fir instance if a cockerel has poor eye, leg, feet,
    face color, feather color, or lacks feather quality,
    they are not worthy to become breeders. The birds must
    have these excellent qualities, as a cockerel or a
    pullet, before we keep them to make excellent breeders
    as year old cocks or hens.
    Another thing the sperm of the cock is stronger when
    they are 12 months to 18 months old, and will produce
    stronger better standard quality chicks. Cockerels
    need to mature to be used for breeding good quality
    cock birds.
    Feather quality is the most important on our selection
    of cockerels and pullets, for cock birds and hens. We
    only breed from birds with excellent feather quality.
    This fact alone is what we decide on when using cocks
    and hens for our breeding pens. The other good
    qualities are there after culling and keeping them as
    cockerels and pullets. Thus when maintaining a line up
    of cockerels and pullets we ONLY choose the best
    feather quality birds available.
    Culling birds that may be better than most people
    keep is a great sacrifice that we maintain, the rasing
    of many birds allows us this option. One small defect
    of quality missing and the bird is gone to the sack.
    Maintaining only birds with good feather quality from
    year to year, proves to be a asset.
    Why breed another breed in to get large tails of wider
    feathers, when if one chooses the best feather quality
    birds year after year, that you can raise, you will
    maintain your own quality stock.
    In 47 years of breeding, we have not ever bred another
    breed of birds into our Blacks or BB Reds. By only
    chosing breeding stock with good Standard
    qualities,plus only the best in feather quality, we
    have maintained a fine winning strain of Old English.
    Feather quality will allow you to keep birds that have
    all the qualities needed in Saddle, hackle, and
    feather width.
    We are proud to say we have had 3 Grand Champions of
    Show, at the ABA Nationals and 2 APA Grand Champions
    of Show,at the Nationals, and this we are proud of.
    Also having numerous Reserve Grand Champions at these
    shows. In 1981 we had ABA National Champion of show,
    APA National Champion of show and the Old English
    National Show Champion also. These wins speaks well of
    our strain of Old English Game Bantams.
    Any one needing some help with their culling of birds
    may give me a call at 864-269-3465 after 7pm at night,
    I will be glad to help them what I can.Also one has to
    see how strict we cull our birds, you have to be there
    at culling time.We have had folks ask us for the
    culls, but if the birds are not good enough for us to
    breed, we don't feel that others should have them to
    breed either. We never keep birds just to see how they
    will molt out. It is a waste of our time and feed. We
    only keep birds of excellent quality to molt out as
    cocks and hens.
    A CULL as a cokerel in any little defect is a CULL as
    a Cock. Likewise our pullets, only the best will do
    for hens. Why waste your time and feed on it.
    We have excellent records and toe punching system for
    the blood lines, on the male line and female line,
    thus knowing what birds will make good breeders in
    each line. This is important in any ones
    breeding,record keeping and toe punching is important
    to success.
    When you keep only good feather quality birds you will
    maintain a good feather quality blood line.
    Ralph Sheriff Sr
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    Thank you for sharing this! Anything from Mr Sheriff is gold!

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