Breeding pair of Spangled Russian Orloffs WA STATE

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    For sale--one breeding pair of Spangled Russian Orloffs.

    They are from two different lines (Erhard for the rooster & my own with the hen).

    Both are just over one year of age. Fertility has been proven, their eggs have been shipped & are showing excellent fertility & habitability rates--plus I have 12 Orloff chicks in the brooder now from this pen.

    The rooster has too much white for what I'm breeding towards and the hen, not enough. Together they are making decent chicks but neither adult is show-quality so I don't want to keep them when I can use that pen for another project or for more bachelor roosters.

    The hen:


    I have no idea why Photobucket is not working correctly....but I'm trying to attach a cropped image of the rooster...


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