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    So I am really getting into this whole chicken thing a lot more lately and I have plans to get some birds not hatchery production birds. I plan on having a few different type all Large Fowl type non aggressive, except for one pen will be Old English Standard Games. What size pen is ideal for say 3-5 hens and rooster? I have RIRs and Buckeyes in mind with the OEGs. I am just curious about what some of you have got for breeding pens and set ups. I have some great ideas for nest removable nest boxes for broody game hens. Please share. Thanks

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    My main breeding coop started out 12 x 24. I divided it down the middle, long ways and created 6 pens on one side, each 4x6, and 3 on the other side, each 8x6. I aim to keep about 6 breeders in each of the smaller pens, and 12 in the larger ones. The following summer I added 16 ft runs out the back for the 6 smaller pens, and the next year added covered space 8 ft out the front to make the larger pens 8x14 for larger groups of breeders.

    I've been happy with the sizes.

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