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  1. I have a BO rooster and a few different types of hens that include: RIR, BR, BO, and BA. What would my chicks look like if I hatched out some eggs? Obviously BO x BO = BO. Does anyone have pics of roosters and hens of any of the BO x RIR, BO x BR, or BO x BA crosses? Any info would help, thanks! :)
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    I know that if you breed a BO ROO with Barred Rock HEN, and not the other way around, you will get sexlinks. I believe that a BO x RIR doesn't look do good when crossed and I'm not to sure on the others. I assume a BO x Aussie would produce a darker colored chick.
  3. Okay, thanks. Have you bred any of these combos before and have pics of them?
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    I don't have any pics of my own but can find some, but this you might find interesting.

    Some sex link chickens combinations:

    To produce female BLACK sex link chickens

    "Combining a cuckoo or barred hen (e.g. Plymouth Rock) with any non-barred, non-cuckoo colored rooster will yield cuckoo or barred rooster chicks and solid colored – usually black - hen chicks.

    Pic: Barred Plymouth Rock hen

    Barred Plymouth Rock hen matings

    Barred/cuckoo hen matings that result in female solid black sex link chickens are many and varied.

    To achieve female black sex linked chickens you can mate her with roosters that are of any of the following colors...

    • Double Gold Laced (e.g. Barnevelder)

    • Solid Lavender (e.g. Australorp)

    • Solid Black (e.g. Australorp)

    • Black Patterned Silver Laced (e.g. Silver Laced Wyandotte)

    • Black Mottled (e.g. Ancona)

    • Black Patterned Red Columbian (e.g. Rhode Island Red)

    • Silver Columbian (e.g. Sussex)

    • Black Patterned Gold Columbian (e.g. New Hampshire)

    Brown (e.g. Leghorn) roosters with cuckoo/barred hens will produce:

    Cockerel chicks that have yellow beak, shanks and toes, and are black on top of body with a white spot. The pullet chicks have black/dark beak, shanks and toes, and are all black on top.

    Pic: Brown Leghorn rooster

    Buff (e.g. Buff Orpington) roosters with cuckoo/barred hens will produce:

    Cuckoo/barred cockerel chicks (in brown or grey tones). The hens will be either solid brown or solid black sex link chickens.

    Similarly, blue roosters (e.g. Blue Orpington or Australorp) mated with the same color hens will produce:

    The usual grey tone cuckoo/barred roosters; The hens in this case will be either solid blue or solid black sex link chickens.

    To produce female BROWN or BUFF colored sex linked chickens

    Mate a Black Patterned Silver Columbian (e.g. Light Sussex) Hen to either:

    Pic: Light Sussex Hen

    • A Black Patterned Red Columbian (e.g. Rhode Island Red) rooster.

    RESULT: Buff pullet chicks; white or pale yellow cockerel chicks

    • Brown (e.g. Leghorn) rooster.

    RESULT: Pullet chicks have chocolate head and heavy stripes on a light brown background; cockerel chicks are black and white.

    Alternatively, mate a white hen (works with white Wyandotte or Leghorn but not all white breeds) with a Rhode Island Red rooster.

    RESULT: Brown pullet chicks with dark body stripe; silver cockerel chicks with black markings.

    • Buff (e.g. Leghorn or Orpington) rooster.

    RESULT: Buff pullet chicks (with slight black marks); yellow/white cockerel chicks (with slight black marks).

    Using a Gold Legbar rooster.

    The Legbar is produced by crossing the Brown Leghorn with the Barred Plymouth Rock, and is an autosexing breed in its own right.

    Pic: Gold Legbar Rooster

    This characteristic can be used in crosses too, for example:

    • Mated with a Light Sussex hen.

    RESULT: Gold pullet chicks; silver cockerel chicks. The pullets also have faster feathering wings.

    • Mated with a Rhode Island Red or Brown Leghorn hen.

    RESULT: Pullet chicks have brown/grey legs; legs of cockerel chicks are yellow. The pullets also have faster feathering wings."

    Borrowed, thanks
  5. Okay, brain overload… So when I cross my BO rooster with my BR hen, I will get sex-links, right? How good of egg layers are they? Do the to broody as much as the BOs do? Thanks for letting me rack your brain about this. :)
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    This cross will give sex links, and very attractive birds imo. They'll lay as well as the parent stock averaged, so a little better than an Orp and a little less than a Rock. They'll have a better chance of going broody than a Rock, also. Males will have a white spot on the head at hatch and be barred, females will be solid headed at hatch and have buff/gold fronts and black back ends.

    Your Orp over Red hens will give kinda bright orange colored birds.

    Your Aussie hens will give birds that are gold and black, the pullets will look a lot like the black sex link pullets from the Rock hen. The males will have similar coloring.
  7. Okay, awesome. Maybe I won't cross my Red hens with my Orp rooster if they don't make a pretty bird. What are some other good crosses with BOs?

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