Breeding question please son & mom !!!!


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Mar 18, 2011
I have heard that if i want to clen my breed dad roo must breed with dougthers hens and or son roo must breed with mom hen? is that true

friends have told me that if i want to clean and have pure breed i must do that, that just to be carefull that brothers roos with sisters hens put them apart because of inbreeds..

is that true?

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omg i didnt think i write that no way i have just fixed it i dont know how it ended up all not understandable. the spelling was horrible. yuck
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He's asking about line breeding, sons to dame and daughters to sire.

This is the best way to keep your line pure, if that is what you want to accomplish. You have to know to only breed the strong birds and not the weak ones, be able to select & cull the right way. There are lots of references out there about it. Plenty of books cover the subject in much detail, some you can even find through google books online & read for free.
wow thank you the thing its that i have a naked neck hen and from all the eggs she has layed during hatching we only get 2 out of 10 eggs thats are nacked neck babys the rest dont and i wanted to see if i can breed her with her son from last year that its also naked neck, i just didnt wanna ended up with inbreeds !!! if i breed him with his mom both nacked neck the resoults would be all nacked neck babys????? the dad of tha roo was not nacked neck.!!!
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Not sure if I understand the question???

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You really have to be careful when linebreeding or inbreeding, because this is the quickest way to bring any faults that your bloodline might have to the surface. Also if you try this I would suggest that you start making a book of records on your bloodline, and be sure to write every single mate down, If your like me, memory don't always add up to what
Yes you could do this and the chances are that you would increase your instance of naked necks. The other side of it is that you will also increase your occurences of any negative genetic qualities that these chickens carry. For intense linebreeding I prefer to go with 1 generation removed. In other words breeding back to a grandparent.
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Too much naked neck to naked neck breeding causes embryo death in the shell due to a leathal gene combination. Best to outcross to a solid feathered bird every few generations.

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