Breeding Seramas

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Aug 21, 2012
The great state of Texas!
Im new to chicken keeping and im wanting to ask a couple questions and say some things :)..... When we started I wanted to buy silkies so we found a lady just a couple minutes down the road who had all kinds. When i got there i looked around and i got completely distracted from the silkies and saw this tiny chicken walking around the pasture next to the lady's house. i just randomly said " Is that bird for sale?" She said sure i only hatch silkies and got a random egg from another lady and that "thing" came out. i asked how much? She said just take it... I bought it and 2 other silkies and went home. I got home and for the next month or so it didnt grow and i finally got worried and looked up "miniature chciken" and figured out she was a serama. I read about them and got hooked on the breed.i now have 2 seramas 1 roo and 1 pullet . Sadly this day one of the silkies we bought is not with us anymore, but the younger one laid her first egg on monday! That silkie named " Ruby " is the same age as the serama " Aero ". Im trying to breed my seramas, but she won't lay an egg! Trying to make her coop as comfortable as possible... trying not to rush her though! The serama rooster " Bo " keeps trying to mate with her but she flies away... I need help and info on serama! When do seramas breed? How many eggs do they lay a week or a day? How many months old do they have to be to lay eggs? Are their eggs edible? Thanks for all the help!

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