Breeding silkies

Chicken Lily

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6 Years
Mar 26, 2013
I have never bred any of my chickens before, but my silkies are the sweetest, and I would love some more fluff balls running around. I have five silkie hens in one coop and my rooster is in a separate coop. How should I go about breeding them? I was thinking of just putting my rooster in the coop with my other five, but it might be hard if they are laying eggs at all different times. Also, my silkies are they broodiest hens ever and I am afraid they will stop laying and begin to brood after only one egg. Any advice?
Collect the eggs each day. Dont let them get into clutches or else the hens will brood. Put the rooster with the hens. You can store eggs for up to a week before you start incubation. Make sure he is breeding all of them before you incubate. Happy hatching
Thank you! I will be sure to post pictures if everything works out.

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