Breeding Sizzles anyone????


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Nov 7, 2007
Cave Creek
As I'm kind of new to the world of chickens and have developed this addiction..I mean... interest in breeding Sizzles, I could use some imput on the hows & whats of getting stable lines of nice quality Sizzles. Has anyone nailed this down yet or is it mostly still a gamble?

I currently have 4 roosters "working" on this. My Frizzle in with my Silkies, my Silkie in with smooth crosses, my Smooth cross in with my frizzled crosses & my Frilkie (frizzled silkie) with some more smooth crosses. My two best Sizzle hens were with a Silkie roo untill this week when he went off to the fair. I'm just starting to get chicks from these pairings and am anxious/excited to see what I get.

Would love to hear what's working for you if your willing to share!


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