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    I have a few questions about breeding Sizzles...
    I currently have a Trio, a Splash(?) Roo, Blue hen & Black hen. Mine are ALL Smooth, hard feathered Sizzles, just big, roundy poofs [​IMG] I love them!

    So far I have gotten some of the most GORGEOUS babies from them but they're all still pretty young. Just a few days ago i noticed one was getting a lot of feathers in so i was holding it and realized That it has Silkie Feathers?

    I was thinking mabybe it was possible, like a throwback or something but what are my chances of getting more of these or Silked, Frizzled chicks? or other varieties besides what the parents are?

    this is the first year that they're breeding.
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    Jan 9, 2009
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    Quote:If your birds had silkie feathered parents, then they're all split to silkie feathering - which gives you a 25% chance of getting a visual silkie feathered, 50% chance of getting hard feathering split to silkie feathering, and 25% chance of getting hard feathering NOT split to silkie feathering. If none of your birds are visually frizzled, then the babies won't be. Its my understanding that one parent has to be visually frizzled in order for frizzling to show up in chicks.

    Would love to see pics!
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    I will definitely get pics, this is really fascinating me! I just put some more eggs under one of my broody Muscovy hens... I was watching the chicks in the brooder and saw another chick that looks to be feathering in Silked and possibly Frizzled!! The parents are all smooth with normal, hard feathers, so i Never expected any silked or frizzled babies.

    The Sizzle roo is breeding my Black Cochin hen too so some are a mix of those two and have smaller, mohawk-looking crests, they're all really cute!
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    you can have frizzle chick if one of the parents is F/f and mf/mf.... that is a single dose of frizzle and double dosed for frizzle modifier....

    but in general... no, you don't get a frizzle out of 2 smooth birds....

    Silke feathering is a big possibility since sizzles are usually bred out of silkies, which means there's a good chance they will carry h (hookless, rec silkie feather gene)... you should breed yourself one of those frizzled silkies.. they're hilarious looking thing...

  5. Bleenie

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    Here's Lucifer, the Rooster
    to the left

    The hens, the Blue hen refuses to sit still for pictures, unless shes brooding.
  6. Bleenie

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    The hens parents were a Frizzle and a Silkie, they came from a friend of ours that breeds them for show.

    I bought Lucifer the end of last year and have no idea if he came from sizzle parents or silkie/frizzle parents like my girls but BOY! does he give me the prettiest babies!

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