Breeding Swans, What age do they breed?

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    So I went to the YO Auction... and I got:

    1 Pair of Australian Black Swans, 2 yrs old
    2 Pairs of Mute Swans, 2 yrs old

    So I now have swans, 3 pairs, and I wanted to know At what age do they breed?

    I have them all in there own breeding pens. Currently using stock tanks for "Ponds" Until the actual Swan Breeding Pens are done. They only way we will not move them is if they start breeding before there new pens are ready. It will take about 2 weeks for us to have them done.
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    Swans take longer than geese to sexually mature. They may pair up at age two and even perhaps show some nest building behaviors, but they don't typically start laying until they are three years old. My experience is with Mute swans, but I think black swans are similar.
  3. texascowboy1979

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    Thanks... so then Ill know to mabye expect next year... who knows.. mabye theyll lay this year... LOL
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    I think at 2 they can start but really mature at 3. I know my yearlings were practicing nest building this year. I'd look out and see one standing their in a spot, reaching over grabbing leaves and hay then putting it behind them........ then again, and again.... and again. then they'd pick another crazy spot and do it again. Silly swans

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