breeding wich is better


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Apr 29, 2009
alvarado, Tx
It completely depends on if you are going to be working on show birds or eggs and meat birds.
I have some good birds but I dont show, so I work on meat and egg production and that is what sells around me.


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Oct 19, 2009
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Mutts only sell well if they're excellent egg layers or meat birds.

Purebreds only sell well if you're a big time hatchery or if you're selling truly quality birds.


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Jan 30, 2011
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yu can croos breed a lot of banty and strandard chickens and get a nice coloration i breed chickens so i have some exp have a silike cross sitting now babies du sept 23 if need any help just email me i will be glad to help[


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Oct 17, 2008
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hatchery chickens are fine if you like to have back yard chickens and just like having them run around your yard for eggs, meat or plain enjoyment.
you will be hard pressed to find much quality there as they(the hatchery owners) do not go out to find quality bloodlines to enhance their flock as do most all the prominant breeders do.

i have purchased many many hatchery birds through out the years being a 4-H poultry project leader. sure the cost of 25 chicks is realatively inexpensive but you are going to get birds that sometimes dont even match the characteristics of what is in the standard of perfection. i have seen kids in my project over the years being disappointed when the judges disqualify their hatchery chickens do to defects or not purebred chickens they were supposed to have purchased.

i have purchased supposed quality hatchery eggs from "prominant hatcheries" to attempt to build up my flock with new lines and have been very disappointed with the lack of quality in the chickens as they matured. almost 99% of them were culled and eaten or sold as just laying hens unsutable for quality breeding.

the longer you play the poultry game the more experience you will have deciding that finding a good breeder of chickens is few and far between. the best way to find one is to attend a real poultry show sanctioned by the american poultry association and meet actual quality breeders. they have spent years perfecting their breeds and varieties with confidence enough to display and compete against other breeders in the state or the nation.

if you are serious about raising poultry? you dont want to show your neighbors and friends junk mutt birds you got for a cheap price.
you want to be proud of your flock and have a reputation of raising, breeding, showing and selling quality birds with your name attached.

thats my story and im stickin to it, good luck with your quest and happy breeding!

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Apr 14, 2011
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People will buy both purebreds and mutts. The people buying mutts don't want to pay much for them. Probably what you can get is less than what it cost you to hatch them out. You don't get much for hatchery quality purebreds either, but it will be more than you get for mutts and they will be easier to sell.

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