Breeding wood ducks


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May 16, 2012
HI i have a pair of Carolina wood ducks and the female has laid 6 eggs. she has been pulling out feathers to line the nest and it looks good. I was just wanting more information and advice as i have never bred these ducks before and it is impossible to find any helpful information online.

I just have the one pair they live in a 6ftX6ft shed with an outdoor aviary and pond, they dont have a nest box as i didn't intend on breeding them and the eggs are on the floor in one corner. She was laying one a day and now looks like she is ready to sit, but she leaves the nest a lot. The male is still with her.

Any information and advice from anyone who has previous experience with these ducks would be VERY much appreciated,

Hi Becky,

Look for the ornamental thread and the migratory subject (duck area) here on BYC. You will find people like Destin there among others who keep woodies and other migratory birds who will have years of experience. I believe they prefer cavity nests to truly sit and hatch a clutch of eggs. Check with those who have raised them for awhile though. Destin, KansasKid, LAMike among many others would be good sources of info.

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