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    I have recently started a new flock of chickens. I have Black sex links, golden comments, and Buff Os. 3 of each. After doing research I have decided that I wanted to try to have a self-sustaining flock. Out of all of my birds the black sex links are my favorite, they lay the best, and the temperaments are very good. But they don't breed true. I have decided to get some silkies as Brooder hens, and would like to breed my own sexlinks and purebreds. And I have really no idea how to do it.
    My idea right now is that I would get 2 Rhode Island red roosters and 2 barred rock roosters, and get several Barred rock hens. I will cull the roosters I don't need later. The idea that I would get barred rock chicks to replace my purebreds and I will also get black sexlinks.
    My question is has anyone tried doing this? was it successful? Also when you breed sex links for layers, do the hatcheries breed the just specific breeds or art is the breeding more selective? Basically what I'm asking is if I bring my own sex links will I still get great egg layers?

    Also I just want to note that I do not have any problems with the golden comets or the buffs. They seem to be great birds and the GC lay as well as the black sex links, but I prefer the black sexlinks temperament. My buffs have not started laying yet at 28 weeks. But my family had buffs several years ago. And I'm sure when they start they will lay well.
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