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    Mar 15, 2013
    Hello all,
    what do you find are the best breeds as far as heat tolerant egg layers go?
    Currently living in California I have a pair of Dutch Banties, and they don't seem to mind the dry heat...but contemplating homesteading in Florida prospectively, with the hellish, humid summers. I did some research, but everything online seems pretty inconclusive...some say Sumatrans, some Leghorns, some say nobody will lay in over 100F heat. Just wondering what your experiences are with[​IMG] humid heat tolerant birds...[​IMG]Oh yeah and if they could be good foragers and docile, that would be dreamy:)
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    A leghorn breed. Either white, black, brown, or buff. Some people say that they aren't friendly but I've never seen it in a leghorn more than any other breed or strain. Another plus is mucho eggs, excellent foragers, and little bitty appetites.

    Of all the standard bred chickens the leghorn DNA has only been monkeyed with to create a better layer.

    Some of the other breeds or strains of chickens have been inbred, crossbred, short bred, and over bred so much for feather color, hoods, tassels, muffs, etc. that today they hardly fit the definition of a chicken.

    As far as hellish humid summers go, all chickens are descended from the red jungle fowl or else the Malay bird from the Indo China area like Viet Nam. The hardest climate conditions for a chicken to endure is hot dry heat. High heat, low humidity, and direct Sun can kill a chicken in as little as 15 minutes. Hot and humid heat is like home coming for chickens.
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