Breeds? (easter egger, bantam, blind chicken)

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    May 18, 2016
    So I do this thing when I buy chicks where I get so excited that I'm getting new chicks that I don't even bother to see what they've labelled the breeds as. Pardon the messy box in the picture, as it needs cleaning out today.


    This is my little bantam something or other. She is the biggest scaredy cat that I've had in a chicken thus far and will hide under the bigger chicks. I'm thinking she may be a brahma bantam?

    Here's another picture of her from a different angle.


    The one on the left is my silkie who literally hates me, but it's cool. The one on the right was just labelled "easter egger" on the chick bin at the store. Curious as to what breed she may be.


    This is Baba, my blind chicken (she does have a head, she's just looking at the floor). I know she's blind because she didn't come with eyes--the farm supply store just gave her to me for free. Anywhos, I'd like to know what breed she is--I'm thinking maybe a brown leghorn?
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    Mar 3, 2015
    Could you get better photos of the second two? The first one looks like a Cochin or a Brahma.
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