Breeds? Hen vs. Rooster? (pics included) Help a newbie out ;-)


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Jun 1, 2020
Hello fellow chicken ma's and pa's! So we moved out to the farm last July and I was itching to start our homestead and although terrified of chickens I read so many posts on here that taught me otherwise (thank you guys sooo much for your posts and answers and all the things, I am so proud to be apart of this group!). SOOO I ventured out to our local farm store one day and there were baby chicks EVERYWHERE! I spoke with one of the gals there who was so sweet and very informative. She helped me pick out four Buff Orphington hens, 2 black Australorp hens, and then because they were so cute we picked out two silkies (unsexed as I'm sure you guessed). Well these "girls" were just a charm to have in the house, no I'm not being sarcastic. We all LOVE them, ok mostly just me... I talk to them constantly, hold them a lot (we have 3 boys who graciously help clean up their brooder and give them daily loves).
A few weeks later we happened to be at another farm store out of town and they had even more chicks! I couldn't handle myself, so we WERE just going to get these super cute mohawk babies (now I know them as golden polish, lol) but 4 was the requirement so I got two others...all unsexed.

Now I need help, I have no clue what two of the breeds are(figured out the Mohawks by their very distinguishable color and hairstyle), and I also have a sneaking suspicion that a few are roosters. So I know that our fluffy white Silkie we named Dolly is a rooster (she, or he is crowing...a lot now, lol) and I wonder if one of my other unknown sex/breeds is a rooster? She/he is very bossy with the other hens, the first to the door when I come to feed them, puts a lot of the girls in their place? like keeps the pecking order VERY clear, and is lovingly referred to as "the boots with the furrrrrrr" (for all us '00 kids lol) BUT loves for mommy to hold him/her?! Like coos and talks to me the whole time(sweet whispers in my and completely relaxes??? I also think one of the golden Polish is a rooster because "his" tail feathers are sticking straight up vs. the other polish who's is more rounded and pointed down like my other hens...... so hard! help!?!

Also, the silver/gray hen we are still trying to figure out what breed she is? She is younger than my original 8 but bigger already..any ideas?

1st pic: Roozy our suspected rooster (aka "boots with the furrrrrr" :cool: ), breed unknown with fully feathered feet. Very bossy with the other hens but lets me pick him/her up and will relax and coo at me the whole time I hold him/her....I *think* quite the attention (you know what)..
2nd pic: My two golden polish...see the difference between their tails??? the suspected rooster is at the bottom of the picture vs the suspected hen at the top. Also caught in the picture is our very pretty silver hen which we have no clue what breed she is...
3rd pic: Roozy (aka. boots with the fur) from the feathers have that same really pretty green that my black australorps have in the sun! but the black and white speckles (shown in pic 1) totally throw me?!?!?!
Pic 4: another angle of my two golden polish and "his" tail feathers....
Pic 5: a cameo of our silver hen who we cannot distinguish :)

and yes they are still in the huge brooder pen my hubby built...they are actually moving into their big girl house tonight as we just finished building it! yikes, excited but so sad they aren't just in the basement for me to chat at :-/


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Boots with the fur is a Dark Brahma cockerel. The Polish with the larger mohawk is definitely a cockerel. The silver one is a blue something. I can't see what type of comb. Could you get a picture of it?


Nov 2, 2021
Rockdale Georgia
The first photo looks to be a hen the comb is very small and pale and the feathers would look a lot more showy on the tail you definitely have a golden polish roo ( the one with the bigger mohawk) the blue something looks like a hen and the other polish is a hen.

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