breeds of chickens that would do well in urban coop?

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    Hello am going to get a few hens for my urban coop that I built. The run is 10 by 10 and covered, and the house is 5 by 4 and is 5 foot high. I recently had experience with the Hamburg breed of chicken. They did not do well in this setting guess too confining? Would very much be thankful to any ideas of breeds of hens that could handle this coop....thanks...Jim from Cincinnati
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    Hi Jim.
    Well since you are in Cincinnati, you will have them indoors for part of the winter. That said, you should have 4 sq. ft per bird inside and 10 sq. ft. outside to avoid stress behavior in the birds. That leaves room for 5 birds. You don't need a rooster for eggs, as you know. Those ratios are halved for bantams. Many f the large fowl y like come I bantam too. Like Speckled Sussex. I have large fowl Light Sussex and love the breed. Sussex are gentle, the rooster kind and gallant to their ladies. they lay well and are curious.
    perhaps a suggestion? There are two wonderful threads her eon BYC which specialize in helping folk find the breed they like. Helping them with advice and finding/acquiring birds from top quality strains. Top judges and breeders willing to share advice and stock with dedicated folk.
    BYC Heritage Bantam Thread :
    BYC Heritage Large Fowl thread :
    Both threads were started by our late beloved mentor Bob Blosl. A very special teacher and friend to poultry folk who helped many get started in quality Heritage fowl. His spirit lives in in these helpful teaching threads.
    Best Success in your endeavors in 2014 !
    Karen and the Light Sussex in western PA, USA

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