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  1. jncmud

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    Mar 17, 2015
    North Royalton, Ohio
    We are finally going to be getting approval to have chickens in our backyard!
    We are not allowed to have roosters, which is fine with us.
    We would like some input on what are the best chickens to have as backyard pets. We have some breeds to pick from. We live just outside of Cleveland.
    Black Australorp
    Buff Orpingtons
    Easter Eggers
    Gold Laced Wyandotte
    Silver Laced Wyandotte
    White Plymouth Rock
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  2. BantamFan4Life

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    Jun 15, 2012
    Welcome to BYC! I'm glad you joined us!
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  3. Rocky64

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    Jan 25, 2015
    Buff orphingtons are gentle and good pets, they are decent layers too. I have 2 that are over 8 years old and still give me eggs, although it's one every month or so and most of the eggs are shell-less.
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  4. Mountain Peeps

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    Apr 23, 2014
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    Welcome to BYC! Please make yourself at home and we are here to help.

    Buff orpingtons are my favorite breed. They are affectionate, docile, sweet natured and very curious. Great with kids if tamed while young. Black australorps, EEs, and buckeyes are also known for their friendliness. Wyandottes can be docile if tamed when young. They tend to be a bit more bossy though.
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  5. Wyandottes7

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    Jul 24, 2013
    Welcome to BYC! [​IMG]I'm glad you joined our community.

    I would suggest the Wyandottes (Gold or Silver Laced are fine). My Wyandottes are the favorite of my breeds of chicken. They have had excellent temperaments (docile, gentle, inqusitive, personable), been very good egg layers, and been extremely hardy through heat and especially cold. Easter Eggers are another good choice, as they have good temperaments and lay lovely colored eggs.
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  6. Kelsie2290

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    Feb 18, 2011
    Hello :frow and Welcome To BYC! Think you would be happy with any of those breeds, the EEs are fun because of the colored eggs and the Wyandottes are a beautiful color pattern.
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  7. kkelley

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    Mar 17, 2015
    We have 3 Buckeyes. They are not friendly and tend to pick on our other chickens. We had an Easter Egger until an owl got it. She was awesome.
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  8. drumstick diva

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    Aug 26, 2009
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    Welcome to BYC I've heard a lot of good things about Black australorps.
  9. dekel18042

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    Jul 18, 2013
    Welcome. As you can see, everyone has her own favorite breed(s). So if you want another two cents worth...Black australorps are great egg layers. Since you live in Ohio, it should be mandatory that you have at least one Buckeye if you're from the Buckeye state. (I have several. Love them. They're friendly and lay a good number of really large eggs. They're on my "get more" list.)
    If you have kids, or even just for yourself, the colored eggs of the Easter Eggers make a great contrast in the egg carton. Mine lay well, and grownups as well as kids love green (or blue) eggs with ham. With their pea combs they tolerate both extremes of cold and heat very well. So do the buckeyes.
    The wyandottes are beautiful. I don't have any myself, but I know people who do. The opinion seems to be that they like them, but they are sort of middle of the road. They're neither at the top of their list or at the bottom. You really can't go wrong with any of the birds on your list. If you get several breeds you can have different colored eggs and see which breeds you prefer.
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  10. BantamLover21

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    Jul 24, 2013
    [​IMG] I'm glad you joined our community!

    All of those breeds would probably be great for you. In particular, though, I recommend Wyandottes.

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