Breeds of these chicks?


10 Years
Jun 28, 2009
I received these eggs from a woman who had more than one rooster and a couple of hens. She did tell me the breeds of those hens, but I don't know which of the roosters fertilized which eggs... Could someone perhaps help me with this? I know it will be difficult since the pics show them only a couple of days old, but if you could *possibly* tell, then it would be great. All that I know for sure, is that the chicks are all mixed breeds. The mother for some was an RIR, and the dominant roo a black sex link, but some of the chicks from the same hen came out yellow, some black?? I'm completely new to this, so I was just hoping i could get some info about these little fellas. Btw , there are pictures of 6 chicks, 2 of each, except for the second black chick, which has 3 pictures. Let me know what you think! thanks!


9 Years
May 11, 2011
I don't know much about breeds, but the black one reminds me a bit of my barred rock chicks. They both had a single spot of white on their heads as chicks. I took pics, but the camera is currently lacking in the battery dept. Do you have more up to date pictures? The older they get the more apparent their breed becomes.
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