Breeds suitable for my needs and environment? (dual purpose or layers, very hot with mild winter)

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    Me and my dad plan to start a flock of layers and dual purpose chickens. I've researched many breeds and these are the ones I found to be most suitable to my needs/environment: black, red or gold sex-linked, rhode island red, new hampshire red, barred plymouth rock, ameraucana, buff orpington, silkies, and black australorps. I live in Georgia so our summers get very hot but our winters are relatively mild with a few cold snaps (during those of course the chickens would be locked safely in their coop with a light) also these chickens would not be free range but would have a spacious coop and run. So basically I would like the opinion of experienced chicken owners who have had success with these breeds or others that would be suitable to my requirements. Also if you knew the temperments of these chickens that would be helpful too as well as any tips for a new comer to the chicken world. By the way we plan to have a flock of 15-20, we live on a farm so we have plenty of room but if you have any suggestions for how much room I should provide please let me know. please and thank you for your answers.

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