Breeds that can be sexed easily as chicks?

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Mar 21, 2011
Portland, Oregon
So we're looking into getting some more chicks but due to the fact that we got so many roosters last year and they are not allowed here we would like to get breeds that can be easily sexed from a very young age. I do not mean vent sexed, I mean just looking at the chicks pattern and coloration. Any one know of breeds like this, I know about the sex-links already but I think there are some others like that as well. Thanks!
It isn't the breed that really makes them sexable, it is the color. And most breeds come in many colors, much more than a hatchery offers ;)

Anything in Barred or Cuckoo colors - Those you can sex as soon as they're born by the size of the white dot on their head; - Large blotches are males, small round dots are females.

Anything Wheaten colored can be sexed as soon as the feathers come in - Males are darker, mostly black and red or brown, females are pale creamy tan-ish with a white underside/breast.

Anything Partridge, Penciled, or Duckwing can be sexed once fully feathered - Males have black breasts and yellow, white, or red necks/wings/backs. Females are a mix of patterns in brown-gold/black or white-gray/black.
Barred rocks are the easiest for me! As they grow out, the males are lighter when they lose their down. But as Ilia said, males will have smeary dots on the heads and females will have sharp spots.
Cream Legbars are an autosexing breed, having been bred with just that goal in mind, plus they lay a beautiful blue egg.

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