Breeds that grow fast and crow late?

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    Not sure if this is the right section but im wondering which dual purpose breed would be the largest size before the roosters begin to crow?
    I raised some hatchery rhode island reds for meat and boy did they taste good but by the time they were ready to eat they had been crowing for about a few weeks (I don't want to wake the neighbors). I know if I raised some cornishXs I would have a big bird long before any crowing begins but I really like the flavor of the dual breeds. So my question is which dual breeds would be largest before they start crowing? I was thinking maybe buckeyes or brahmas, probably one of the dual breeds that isn't bred so much for eggs....

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    Just a little advice - Don't again go to hatcheries to raise dual purpose breeds for meat. [​IMG] Hatcheries don't breed for dual purpose, they breed for egg production. If you compared your Rhode Island Reds with heritage or show ones, you'd be amazed at the size difference.

    I best suggest a breed like French Marans though. I've always known them to be relatively quiet, and crow anywhere from an average age perfect for butchering to a later age at 6-9 months. Some of the big strains of Black Coppers are always a wise choice, too.

    Also, if you're used to hatchery birds, the size of a well filled out Marans will shock ya. [​IMG]

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