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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by UrbanFarmerKim, Sep 8, 2016.

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    Mar 26, 2016
    I just started keeping chickens this spring. I started off with just 3, but had to rehome one as it turned out to be a roo (city ordinances). So I just have my 2 hens, a Light Brahma and a Buff Orpington. I adore these birds!! So sweet and social, just a joy to have. I want to add to the flock this next spring and am looking at several breeds. Mostly I want them for pets and to keep the bugs down, but am looking at a few more eggs as I have friends and family I would like to share eggs with. Would a flock comprised of a Light Brahma, Buff Orpingtion, Australorp, Sussex, Barred Rock, and an Easter Egger get along well, as a general rule. Or are their breeds in here that would not do well with the other breeds?
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    Provided they have plenty of space, at least 5 sq ft of coop and 12 sq ft of run per bird, they should all get along well. Those are some large breeds, so space is important.
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    My current two have a temporary coop set up. A mail order 'paint by numbers' build it yourself kit coop. It is too small (run space) for any more than the two of them and even at that, I dont like to keep them cooped up. They free run all day and are only closed in at night. My plans for the new coop to be built includes, currently, an 80 sqft. run space, tall enough for a person to walk into. and a coop of approximately 30 - 40 sqft.

    I really am enjoying the big birds!
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    Build some separate spaces into your new coop, I have a temporary wire wall I use and permanent people and pop doors. Best coop design decision I made, actually wish I had more than 2 spaces.
  5. To answer your question about breeds and not be concerned about your space.....Yes, all breeds you mentioned are docile and usually get along great...

    Good luck...
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    That will be a nice flock, and if you get lucky, you might have the BO go broody. If so, order chicks to come in 3 weeks, and she will do all the work. That will also give you time to get your new set up built.

    I had build a coop I got off of here, and have been very happy with it. Great ventilation, I can walk in it and stand up straight. And I will be sectioning it off this fall to keep some new chicks, as the coon got my broody.

    Mrs K

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