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  1. -Araucana's.(Pure Bred).
    -Easter Egger's. (EE's)
    -Plymouth Rock's/White Plymouth Rock's.
    -Barred Rock's.
    -Road Island Red's.
    -Brahma's.(preferably Buff Brahma's).
    -White Leghorns.
    -New Hampshire Red's.
    -Jersey Giants.
    I would like to get ANY of these breeds.

  2. Mandy79

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    Oct 16, 2012
    Tonopah, AZ
    Where do you live? I live in Arizona and just recently got some purebred Blue and splash Americaunas and a blue Orpington from a reputable breeder of show quality birds here! They are absolutely beautiful! I believe she may also ship hatching eggs if you are interested! Check out their website
  3. Well I'm in Australia so to far. I'd love blue Orps though wow there pretty.

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