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    What is Brewer's grain? I hear it's good for chickens and there's a person close to me selling it really, really cheap so I'm wondering if it's really any good for the girlies or not?
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    Those are the spent grains from brewing. It is not an uncommon cattle feed. You should find out if it is wet or dried before heading out in the truck.

    I don't know about its suitability for chickens altho' the dried product is used in some formulas. The protein content is high because the yeast has used up most of the carbs.

    There is an issue of hops and bitterness for cattle. I don't know if that is a concern for chickens. Distiller's spent grain is supposed to be more suitable as a feed in general if I remember right. Hops are added by the brewery but not by the distillery.

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    I have the opportunity to get some grain mixed with this as well...I figured it would work but was curious...any other ideas or experiences?
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    I'm curious too.
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