Brewster Rooster, the life of a boy growing up

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  1. Brewster Rooster is a young Buff Orphington who grew up with 7 pullet chicks and two Rhode Island Red chicks, each of those was a pullet and also another young roo, named Randy.

    There were also 11 younger Gold Lace Wyandottes who grew up with Brewster and life was grand the first summer of their lives. They played together, slept together when they were tired, had mock battles as human children do, and all the neighborhood children loved to stop by and watch the young chicks growing up and turning into such beautiful young birds with soft and flowing feathers.

    They learned to chase bugs and eat them. They learned their human mom told them they were "bad boys and girls" when they flew up to the top of the fence to perch as she shoo'd them back down into their large pen. She brought them their feed, water and treats daily so they always ran to the fence when she was outside and would crowd her feet so she could hardly walk in their pen. They didn't mind her holding them.

    Then one day the pen next to theirs that the CornishX chicks lived in became the new home of an adult flock of brightly colored bantam chickens and those hens came with a beautiful and strong rooster.

    Brewster and Randy began watching this new, manly rooster with his hens and listened when he crowed with great interest. Finally, Brewster began crowing a few times, perfectly, the first week of August. He also began just before that, to imitate what he'd watched the older roo do with his hens. Brewster began trying to mate with his sister Buff Orphingtons.

    Brewster's Buff Orphington sisters decided they would not allow him to treat them with such indignant behavior by loudly telling him off so he turned his new found interest toward the younger Gold Lace Wyandotte pullets which allowed him to perfectly imitate the older bantam roo's method of quick, clean, careful and no harm method of mating. Brewster's human mom worried that he shouldn't be mating with such young pullets who had not molted nor laid their first eggs yet.

    Brewster's human mom decided it might be time for Randy Roo to join the flock of RIR hens who'd laid eggs all winter, their first season of laying but those big girls decided poor, sweet Randy was not welcome in their living space! He was too young and immature. Last night, she saw a tiny bit of blood on Brewster's comb after Randy and Brewster practiced a short mock battle and then settled down to walk and eat with each other again.

    She talked to her two boys and asked Brewster if he'd like to meet the big red girls next door, telling him it might be time to hang out with a bit older girls. She picked him up and he worried as they left the pen he enjoyed his first summer so greatly.

    Once in the RIR pen, he immediately grabbed Curly Sue who was the first hen to chase Randy and mated with her. Curly Sue decided she'd give Brewster respect! All the bossy, big, opinionated red girls accepted Brewster without incident except of course, Beauty, who flapped her wings and ran at Brewster who calmly stood his ground and she veered off.

    Brewster worried about going back to his childhood pen and younger flock as it was nearing bedtime so his human mom shut him in the coop once the hens were settled in and before leaving placed him on a perch.

    The next morning, Brewster and the new girls he'd just met began a new daily routine together. Brewster learned he could mate with these girls, except Beauty but he'd change that in the future. He went to look out the pen once, to see if his brother and sister flock was still next door but his mind was on how interesting these new red girls were.

    His human mom felt sad for her little boy roo growing up because it seemed to her the life of a rooster was a lonely place at the top, but she also greatly appreciated how important a rooster was in his presence within a flock of hens. It seemed a rooster has to be very strong, and until he developed a special bond with any certain hen, he would be apart and part of a flock.

    Someday, before winter, hopefully, she thought Randy the RIR roo might develop mentally and physically to be able to claim his rightful place with the RIR hens and beatiful Brewster would go back to his childhood BO girls and they'd be his hens. She also thought how stressful a rooster's life is and how much humans may or may not realize how rough life is for young roosters growing up.

    For now, Brewster was very interested in this new life and new flock, which lives next to six geese and 10 ducklings. When the geese flapped their wings, Brewster flapped his wings:) He followed his new girls everywhere they went the first morning of his new life. His human mom is so proud of her little roo growing up and turning out so well but realizes he has many challenges to come in his life, including someday, going back to reclaim his place among his own breed.
    [​IMG] My little boy roos then...
    (The date of the pic should read: 2008)
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  2. Brewster is back with his BO hens who are now laying eggs:) He is also w/the GLW's for now, their combs (what there is of them) are turning red now so they too, should be laying but are the youngest of my flocks.

    Randy is no more, the RIR hens didn't respect him, he was smaller than Brewster though they were the same age and grew up together. I still feel badly but also had to give up the young and huge BLRW cockerels this past weekend and two bantam cockerels. Winter is coming and there was no happy place for these beautiful boys to live longer.

    Brewster & his girls are now in a new and larger coop so in a few minutes I'll be heading home to check for eggs even though when you move a flock to another coop, they usually don't lay I am thinking since these birds have stayed in this new coop before, over night quite a bit (and I hand carried each one of those 11 and 8, once at bedtime and every morning until the pens were reconfigured) I just may find some eggs...

    Brewster is a GREAT rooster and he learned from Cockadoodle and now, Sir Blue and Black Beauty are my only and wonderful roos...
    Sir Blue
    Black Beauty is behind Blue, I've got a better pic at home.
    Well, maybe not! Beauty is very friendly until the camera comes out, then he's two strides out the door...
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    what a sweet story! Well written [​IMG]
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    Loved your story and you have a nice form in your writing.
    Great story about Brewster. That name just cracks me up every time I hear it for a roo. So appropriate.
    I have one named Mister (an EE) that I really should have named Brewster. However, it doesn't matter now because he is soon not to be. His wickedness with the girls has earned him a new name. Stewpot or Freezerburn or something along those lines.
    My Buff Orpington is a gentle fella and will gladly take care of those extra hens of his.
  5. Thanks, it was started when there seemed to be a lot of posts about how many places and people could not or did not want roosters.

    I knew I was starting out with too many roosters and would eventually have to make hard choices on who would stay and who had to go. I really really appreciated the advice given to allow the girls help make the choice as they have to live w/the roo. I really appreciate, too, how the roo's protect their girls and so far acknowledge I am their caretaker, so not an enemy;)

    I was pretty sad yesterday, until I got home and saw how happy every pen/flock is. So, I decided to add the pics of the roo's I have left.

    I still have to work on my biggest building I'm turning into a coop so the Gold Lace Wyandottes have their own space (ASAP, before Tori sends me their roo:) I should be taking before and after pics as the buildings look pretty badly to begin with but shape up nicely!

    Brewster & his ladies are now in a new "Roll Around" coop, a coop on wheels! I bought it from a maintenance man so didn't have to do a thing except to insulate the inside:) I'll see if there's enough light to take a pic tonight, off of work in 10 mins...

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