Breyer Horse Thread


9 Years
Mar 6, 2010
Where I live.
I was wondering if anybody has Breyer horses. If you do, could you post pics of them? Also, if you've been to Breyer horse fest, could you post pics of them? In case you're wondering, a Breyer horse is a collectable horse, that you can play with. You can find them at most farm stores.
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omg. i love the stupid things xD i've never been to a fest but ya..
well, i forgot my camera and my phone is being mean...
i got Stardust, Huckleberry, Cloud and a whole bunch >.>
google them
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I have been there every year for the past 6 or so years. I love it. It is an amazing thing to behold for the Breyer fan or even horse lover. They have had some amazing horses and riders there, including Alborozo and Tommie Turvey!
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Anyone want to post pics of their Breyer horses? In case your wondering, Breyer is a company that makes beautiful model horses. If you are wondering where to find Breyer horses you can usually find them at farm stores.

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