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Aug 25, 2011
Milwaukie, Oregon
So I'm wanting to keep a rooster for breeding and protection and such, but if I get one, I'm not sure that I'm going to have him long

It is legal to have a rooster in my area, but we must abide by the "sound laws". So really if someone complains, he goes. So I'm wondering what you guys have done to ask your neighbors how they feel about a rooster, and what do you say if/when they complain. I'm thinking that I give them a few fresh eggs when the hens start laying to try bribe then to keep quiet. Also, are their any breeds that have a softer crow?

I just really want a roo
Bantams are typically quieter then larger ones. I would imagine Seramas would be a lot quieter then most, but I don't know if they could handle being with your hens because of their tiny size.

I don't live close to people so I can't input anything else. Sorry!

Just stay away from tomaru and koeyoshi! lol
I have had roos before and I live in a neighborhood. I have always gotten rid of the roos because I hear them crow and it makes me nervous so to avoid any problems they have to go, but would you believe that I had a few neighbors that had no clue what made the noise. We found out later when several of us were talking and they mentioned they thought they heard a peacock. Don't know how they confused the noise, and a few others never heard them crow.
what exactly are the "sound laws" in your area?

Most areas go by "reasonable" noise levels. Daytime is pretty close to anything goes. Night time must be quieter and noises (such as barking dogs) can't be an on-going disturbance. So, if your rooster crows once or twice at an un-godly hour, it's not a big deal. The noise has to be pretty much continuous, neighbor's dog is outside and has been barking for 45 minutes or their stereo has been blasting for an hour at 1am.
Most noise laws are based on times of the day. Generally if you don't have neighboring roosters they won't crow incessantly. Make sure you shut them up in the evening so you can let them out at an acceptable time in the morning. If you have to have screened openings because of heat and such just make sure they are not pointed in the neighbors direction. This way you can control when the neighbors hear the rooster and it is less likely to cause problems. Free eggs couldn't hurt either. Good luck.
When one of my pullets turned out to be a roo, I told my neighbors, letting them know he would start to crow. I then told them that if they had a problem with the crowing to just let me know, that I would get rid of him. It's been a year, my rooster crows every couple of hours during the day but not all day long. I've heard the neighbor's children in the backyard imitating him and laughing at their antics. So far, all of my neighbors have had no problem, I actually had one who knocked on my door, he wanted to see the rooster who had the magnificent crow
I could bring my motorcycle there and your neighbors would REALLY have something to complain about, they would never complain about your rooster crowing lol. Seriously though, give your neighbors eggs and then ask them if your rooster is bothering them and tell them to let you know if he does. They will always tell you that he isnt bothering them especially when they know they'll get free eggs (you dont have to do it all the time.) Show and tell for the kids is a great idea previously mentioned here. While your giving the eggs away to your neighbors, let them know about the show and tell on a specific time and date, invite the parents too.

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