Bright green poop, losing weight, not laying??


9 Years
Jul 13, 2010
Two of my hens (who were the best layers) have not laid an egg for at least a month. One or both have a bright green, runny poop, and they seem to be lighter. One went broody about a month and a half ago, then she lost a whole bunch of feathers, now this. I have NO idea what do for them. Any suggestions from you wise and experienced chicken lovers?
I thought she could be molting, but both are acting similar.
this may seem like a stupid question, but how do you use the de-wormer (Wazine) on a 3 chicken flock? I've never been quite sure if I'm doing right, since the instructions are for very large flocks. Does this sound like worms? How can you tell if they have mites? AS you can tell I'm very inexperienced here.

thanks so much for your help!
Some friends and I just went through this. We lost a lot of birds between us. It sounds like the cocci that infested our flocks. Try some Corid V. It is marked as being for cows (bovine), but it works on chickens, too. Speak with your local feed store and/or vet and see if they think this might be what it is. Good luck to you, and hope all works out well.

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