Bright green poop, wry neck and swollen face, others sneezing

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    The title says it all......we had to put 1 down this morning, she had bright (neon green) poops yesterday but acting normal. This morning she was hunched over in the corner and when I picked her up her right side of her face was swollen and bloody, eye was slightly bulging and her neck was completely turned 180 degrees. A very sad sight to look at. I had DH shoot her. I have multi age chickens in 1 coop. My larger birds all free range but the 10 younger (age 8-12 weeks) do not leave the coop. I had 1 hen with wheezing problems and gave her Tylan 50 injectable and she recovered nicely. Now I see lots of diarrhea but no blood. 1 chick with a watery droopy eye but again no other symptoms. Could this be fowl cholera? If so how do I treat?
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    Here's a link to the fowl cholera section in the Merck Vet Manual What you're describing could be fowl cholera, read through it. At any rate an antibiotic, like Tylan is the course of action I would take in your position. Also, probiotics or an active culture yogurt will help get the gut bacteria back in check and help with the diarrhea.
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